Industrial Automation

We have created computer software and controllers for several vacuum processing systems. Using our proprietary software we connect all kinds of industrial sensors and controllers to create a robust but modern system. All our control stations are connected to the internet and allow authorized personnel to check their status online.

Our systems perform data acquisition from many kinds of equipment: vacuum pump controllers, RF power generators, high voltage DC generators, pressure gauges, etc. Most of these devices are integrated into the system using industry standard (Modbus) or manufacturer specific communication protocols (AE Bus, PreVac Serial Protocol, Optris CT protocol). However, for some sensors and controllers (e.g. when only analog signal is available) we design custom electronic hardware. All devices are connected to the computer using galvanic isolated Ethernet to prevent interference and ensure maximum personnel safety.

All acquired data is instantaneously encrypted and sent over the Internet to a central server where it is stored for off-line analysis. The server software supports live access to all process parameters as well as browsing and visualization of archived data. One of our systems was capable of autonomous semi-automatic operation, requiring human supervision only between several hour long phases.

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The screenshots above present the main user interface of our system. The same real-time view is presented both at the station and in the web browser window on any authorized computer connected to the internet.

Residential heating controllers

We design and manufacture controllers for both convection and underfloor electric heating systems. Our offer starts with small point-of-use controllers for wall-mounted convection or single-room underfloor heaters. These devices can operate with user defined weekly schedules or provide constant temperature regulation. For more energy efficiency we designed bigger DIN-rail mount controllers providing storage underfloor heating for an entire house.

House overview Energy usage plot

Many of our products can be connected to Building Management Systems (BMS) for easy maintenance. We also created and installed several intelligent home systems which offer computer interface for all settings and statistics as well as remote control over the internet.

Repair services

We repair electronic equipment of many brands and kinds. We have experience with industrial temperature and machine controllers, RF generators, switch-mode as well as traditional power supplies and other electronic devices. Here is a list of selected devices we fixed for our customers:

RF Generators:

Temperature regulators:

Injection molding heater:

Industrial control equipment:

Website design

While not our primary field of interest webdesign is something we do from time to time. You may see a sample of our work below.

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mgr Inventory Management Application

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The name mgr is a play on the Polish word “magazynier” which means a warehouse worker and the abbreviation “mgr.” which stands for the Master of Science academic title. This software was designed to replace an old system running under MS-DOS and allows very easy inventory management for small and medium-sized companies. The program was written in the Racket programming language and runs on all major platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).