Terms & Contact


Every projects starts in the design phase during which we work closely with the client to write down project goals, specifications and milestones. A good specification assures both sides that there will be no surprises when we deliver the electronics and/or software.

Of course more often than not the requirements change during the course of the project. Our policy is to do as much as we can to fit the new requirements into the existing specification. As far as the overall complexity stays on a similar level, you will not be charged extra for your passion to create a better product.

Payments can be made on per-hour monthly basis or the amount can be agreed upfront after the product specification is written down.

Of course we can easily accommodate our methods to your needs. Just contact us using the information provided below.


If you wish to discuss some new endeavour feel free write to: inquiries@loee.pl.

We have two offices in Łódź for you to choose from. For best results please notify us beforehand using one of the phone numbers given below.

industrial automation, web applications, repair services

Tamka 16, Łódź, Poland Jakub: (+48) 509 338 635 Marcin: (+48) 501 786 245

medical devices, sensor networks, GSM

Ozorkowska 12, Łódź, Poland Bartek: (+48) 506 587 100 Janusz: (+48) 607 710 286

Payment Methods

We routinely accept SWIFT wire transfers as well as direct Wester Union money transfers. Other payment methods can be made available on your request.