Open Source

Most of our open source code is located on under the accounts jpc and mkgorski.

There are some simple calculators for NXP ARM and AVR baudrate register values, a Mac OS X (Cocoa) app for emulating our UDP to RS-485 bridge and a Safari 5 extension for the site.

We have also written some Racket libraries for our sepack serial interfacing platform. A programming and debugging tool lpc17pr based on these libraries is also available. The hardware and firmware is currently waiting for a prerelease cleanup.

The same hardware is also used in our cross-platform (OS X and Windows) Atmel AVR programmer written in C++ using libusb.

The LPC1768 project contains three examples (with Makefiles) for compiling code for the NXP mbed prototyping platform (based on the LPC1768) and other ARM Cortex-M3 processors.

Last but not least we have a command-line PDF booklet creator for Windows. It written in C# and uses the SharpPDF library.